Horsemanship Camp

The main objective of our camp is fun!  Each camp session will have a minimum of 15 campers working in three groups of 5 with one counselor and one junior counselor supervising each group.  Beginning camps will be 5 days.  Intermediate and Advanced camps will be 8 days.  Campers will learn about horsemanship including properly leading a horse, safety precautions, feeding, body parts, shoeing, equine first aide. They will learn about grooming the horse including proper technique for tacking up and untacking the horse, picking the horses feet out, checking the horses for injuries. They will also learn riding including learning the basic position for the walk, trot and canter if appropriate. They will play games and navigate obstacle courses. Intermediate campers will be introduced to jumping. The advanced camp will do two days of intensive flatwork, one day on gymnastics and two days of course work. Camp will be completed with a horse show and party on the last day. 


Camp Fremont

This camp will be a mini version of the Horsemanship Camp.  Its purpose is to introduce riding and the stables to the participants of Camp Fremont.  We anticipate 10 children per group.  Groups of 10 will be split into two groups.  Each small group will have thirty minutes of riding time and 30 minutes of another activity such as grooming, barn tour, horses shoe decorating or games.  

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