Woodside & New Footing

Windy Hill is heading to Woodside this week with 20 horses! It should be an exciting week of great competition!! There will be a potluck BBQ during the grand prix on Saturday evening. Everyone is invited! It should be really fun! While we are at the show our footing at home will be being redone! John Dienhart and his crew will be leveling the main arena and the school arena. He will be adding fiber to the dirt which should help hold water in the arena footing and make turning easier! While he is there he will also be connecting the two arenas in order to create a derby style arena! We will be able to ride from ring to ring. Eventually there will be a bank and hedge to allow riders to jump from arena to arena! John D will also level down below the two arenas (where there were once two round pens) This area will become a multi use area for lunging, lessons and turn outs. We cannot wait for this upcoming week!!!