Windy Hill has a comprehensive bay area hunter jumper training program. We have three full time trainers for lessons and schooling rides. Students take approximately three lessons per week. The first lesson is flat, the second is typically a jumping lesson with some exercises and the third is course work. We have a eurosizer to help keep the horses fit and are in the process of making larger turnouts to accompany the smaller ones we already have. Our turnouts have high end footing to help keep our horses safe and happy. We travel to about 12 horse shows per year and tend to host three clinics in the winter time. We had Kost Karazissis this year as well as Tanya Johnson and Paul Bennett. 

Our philosophy and chief concern is the welfare, enjoyment and safety of our riders and horses. The horse and rider as a team is our main focus. This philosophy has helped us turn out well rounded riders who are both knowledgable and competitive in the show arena. Through proper guidance each rider will be able to learn in an environment that emphasizes fun, safety, and learning at a level that fits their level and desire. We have yearly goal meetings with our riders so we can come up with a plan suited to the pair.